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Birthdate:Aug 18
Location:Alabama, United States of America


My name is


I am

asexual, big sister, bitch, brunette, chubby, complex, eccentric, feminist, gay-friendly, gender neutral, genetic woman, gentlewoman, knight, oblivious, pan-romantic, philosopher, queer-friendly, radical, strange, trans-friendly

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Marriage is love.


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Date Created:2003-02-26
Number of Posts: 340

Don't worry, I know what I'm doing.
Strengths:Analytical. Aestheticly oriented. Unbiased.
Weaknesses:Short-tempered. Oblivious.
Special Skills:Speedy art. RPG and LARP afficionado.
Weapons:Paintbrushes and a laptop.
Queen and Empress:Lick my boots. Now.

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8-bit/chiptune, a perfect circle, andrew lloyd webber, animal crossing, animals, anime, arcana, art, asexuality, astrology, b-grade horror flicks, ball joint dolls, ball pythons, baroque, beethoven, being a nerd, billy idol, bipolar affective disorder, black furies, black lipstick, black nail polish, bohemianism, bosch, boticelli, castlevania, cats, celtic music, changeling: the dreaming, character analysis, chinese food, clamp, classical music, claude monet, coffee, cruxshadows, dancing, darkwave, ddr, death rock, dogs, dragoncon, dragonlance, dream of doll, edm, edward munch, extraterrestrial life forms, fantasy, feminism, final fantasy, forum hopping, freedom of speech, gaston leroux, georgia o'keefe, glbt rights, goth rock, gothic architechture, gothic fashion, gothic horror, gothic music and fashion, gothic romance, gothic&lolita fashion, guilty gear xx, halo, hammer horror films, harry potter, hedonism, henri de toulouse-lautrec, high fantasy, history, humanism, impressionism, industrial, internet radio, jrock, katamari damacy, kingdom hearts, larps, leonardo, literature, maaya sakamoto, magic: the gathering, malice mizer, manga, metal, michealangelo, miyuki-chan in wonderland, movies, music, naoko takeuchi, neil gaiman, new wave, opera, oscar wilde, paranormal activity, paranormal psuedo-documentaries, phantom of the opera, philosophy, picasso, pokemon tcg, portrait de petite cossette, public libraries, punk music, ragnarok online, random bitchery, reading, rococo, shadow hearts, shoujo kakumei utena, silent films, sketching, slytherin house, smashing pumpkins, snakes, soul blade, soul caliber, soul edge, star trek, star wars, studying other cultures, sun tzu, surrealism, tea, team rocket, the art of war, the dreamside, the hedonism handbook, the renaissance, the sandman, theatre, thinking in pictures, tim burton, ttrpgs, universal monsters, vampire: dark ages, vampire: the masquerade, victorian fashion, victorian literature, video games, vincent van gogh, visual kei, voltaire, webcomics, werewolf: the apocalypse, white wolf, wicked, wissitology, x/1999, yoshitaka amano
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