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August is always a rough month for me, so I've been going through my annual replay of "Final Fantasy Tactics" and last night I had a girly night with my friend and sisters as a sort of mood maintenance thing.

This year is the first year that I'm playing the PSP version, "Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions". So far, so good. The revamped, animated and voice acted FMVs are nice, and I'm really impressed to see that there's both vs. and coop options included in this new version. It'd be great if I had someone to play with, but eh, I'll live with solo mode for now. I've fallen into bad habits again, powergrinding my way to victory; I'm only on my fourth major story battle, and I've already unlocked classes that I can't even buy equipment for, but I'm still grinding anyway. I really should stop doing that, because it always bites me in the ass later when I have to face down a level 99 Marquis Elmdor and his right hand attack wenches, and it is rough as fuck.

Girly night went over really well. We dyed our hair, painted our nails, watched romantic vampire flicks and ate snacks that are bad for us. I now have purple hair, purple and black glittery nails, and just a smidge of salsa and blue corn tortilla chips left over. It was great stress relief for me and my friend; my sisters only really participated in the eating of terrible snacks and watching vampire movies.

I feel a little bit better now.

I have a doctor's appointment later on today so I should really get to bed. But...I'm hungry. :
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Mission accomplished: refund acquired, shit OS no longer an issue. Now I just have to find another affordable netbook, preferably with Win 7 or at least Win 8. This old laptop I'm using currently keeps freezing up lately.
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So apparently Google has its own OS, Chrome OS, and I didn't know this. This OS is completely locked down, you can not use ANYTHING on this OS that is not created by Google and downloaded from their app store. This makes it completely useless for anything you could conceivably want to do with a computer, except for maybe checking your GMail, which is a worthless fucking service that no one uses.

Another thing I didn't know was that the netbook my sister purchased for me tonight was loaded with this useless fucking OS.

So now I have a netbook with wonderful hardware, but shit software, that I can't play any of my games on or anything else. I hope I can get a refund for this shit, or at least find someone to change the OS to something less worthless. At this point, I'd even take Windows 8, and that OS is a piece of shit compared to its predecessor.
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So fucking sick of having to explain to people that my orientation is not a disorder.

Frankly it's not only insulting, it's also rather creepy that other people are so fucking obsessed with whether or not I have sex.
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So. Things.

I'll be graduating (after twelve fucking years) this August, after which starts the frantic search for new employment since I won't be able to work at AUM anymore. I'm going to try to get work at either ASF or the Davis Theatre doing backstage stuff, prop running most likely since it'll pay the bills and keep me active without being too stressful for my GAD.

Truck is still dead, which means I'm going to be reliant upon public transportation until I can save up for a new-to-me $900 junker that can get me around, hopefully without leaving pieces strewn about the road. I'll forgo AC and heat if it means I can transport myself somewhere without having to rely on Montgomery's shitty bus system or an expensive cab service.

Pfizer is doing away with their prescription assistance program soon, according to the pharmacist at the clinic, so I'm going to have to find another way to get my Geodon soon. I really can't afford $300 a month, but I also can't afford to just do without, either; as much as I miss my manic phases, my depressive phases were a bitch to deal with and I'd rather not go back to all that.
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^ Really, Alabama? Fucking really?

Seriously, fuck this state and its dependence on Wal-Mart for everything. There are like three Wal-Marts in Montgomery alone, and many small towns are practically built around the damn things. Wal-Mart doesn't provide much in the way of jobs (because the company prefers to work with a skeleton crew of underpaid part-timers), the products they sell are generally of terrible quality even taking the cheap price tag into account, and yet the store still drives all the independent competitors out of business--taking all the jobs and money they represent with them. Wal-Mart isn't worth attracting to your town, people, especially not at the expense of a priceless historical monument.
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I've hit another low point. It is not a nice feeling.
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Finally finished with German; I think I did alright, but I won't know for another week.

I'm apparently the worst Storyteller possible. None of the plotlines I introduce make my players happy. I'm going to just go back to being a normal player, because I'm tired of trying to come up with something fun only to have it piss everyone off. Someone else can deal with it.
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I rewatched "Revolutionary Girl Utena" tonight with the explicit intention of actually paying attention to more than just the awesome art and the neat swordfights, and suddenly I realize exactly how fucked up everything in this series is. I mean, I was always aware that it was full of questionable content, but it is at times truly disturbing.

This actually makes me like it more.
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Ebenezer, my sister's cat, just died. He was 17 years old. He was fine all day, then tonight he crawled in my sister's lap and started having a seizure of some kind. We rushed him to the emergency vet, but he died before we even got out of the car. The vet tried to revive him, but he didn't respond at all. The vet thinks that his thyroid disorder caused heart problems for him that weren't diagnosed when his hyperthyroidism was. He's in a little box in my sister's room right now. We can't bury him in the city limits, so tomorrow we're going to take him to our parents' house and bury him out in the country.

RIP, beloved kitty.
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Well, things are starting to look up.

I've started back to school this semester. I can only afford to take one class at a time, which means I have three semesters left before I can graduate, but that's okay. I'm currently taking Survey of Non-Western Art, an art history course featuring art from outside of Europe and the U.S. for once. I'm really enjoying it, right now we're on pre-colonial North American Indian art, it's all quite beautiful. So far I've been able to keep my grades up, for the most part, although that 85 on that last paper was kind of disappointing. I need to get a headset so I can practice my German on Rosetta Stone, since I'll have to take German II before I can graduate. I'm horribly out of practice.

In other good news, I also have a job. The bad news is that instead of the 12 hours a week I was originally supposed to work, I now only work 3 hours a week, which pretty much just pays for the gas I use to get back and forth between home and the campus every day. I work for AUM's Center for Disability Services, I take notes for the hearing impaired. Which is a pretty cushy job, especially considering I get paid $9/hour. Right now I'm taking notes in a world history class for a nice young lady. My note-taking skills have always been pretty tight, so I hope it helps her a bit.

Its that time of year where retail stores and cafes start looking for seasonal work, so I'm going to turn in another round of applications and see what I can net for myself. Covering my gas is nice, but I'd like to be able to pay some bills and maybe have a little bit extra spending money, too.

I think I might change my icons. I love the Juri x Shiori theme, but something a little different might be nice.
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I've been up for like the past hour and a half with terrible heartburn fml.

Last job fell through after like two months, on the hunt for another one. Out of all the applications I've filled out and the three employment agencies I've signed up with, I have two potential jobs coming up; since I'm heading back to school this fall I'll probably have to take both of them, since shit is expensive like whoa. One is a vet clinic kennel worker position, which will be the coolest job since sliced bread, and the other is a HP help line position, which I can only hope not to fuck up on too horribly.

So, what am I doing when I'm not beating the pavement? Been playing a bit of FFXIII and Pokemon Soul Silver, which is very cool. Also Ragnarok Online as per usual. Once a month I have a Vampire: the Requiem game, which I look forward to more because it's a chance to be social with people than for the game itself, which is still quite fun.

My sister also brought home Batman and Philosophy: The Dark Knight of the Soul, which I've been reading. Some of it is rather interesting, like the moral implications of training a Robin (that is to say, whether or not it is morally permissible for Batman to train his young wards to fight dangerous criminals). Some of it is kind of...not so interesting, like the essay on whether or not Batman and the Joker could be the same person. Apparently there's like a whole series of books on the philosophy of pop culture. I think the next one I'll check out will be the Final Fantasy one. From what I understand there's a FFIX essay on the Black Mages and death.
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Kind-of sort-of watching Spartacus right now. The dialogue leaves a bit to be desired and since I'm coming in midway through the story I really don't follow on the plot, but I appreciate the cinematography. The director really did a good job on portraying just how fucking brutal the gladiatorial games really were. A+.

Kind of pissed right now because I haven't worked all week. I mean, I'm not really in love with the job, but I don't have any other prospects right now so I need all the shifts I can get just to get by. All my shifts were cannibalized so one of my coworkers could get a few extra hours on his paycheck, which makes me a bit resentful. But whatever.
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o hai thar i haz new computer. Sadly, still no internet, so I'm posting from work. Hopefully that'll be fixed by next month.

So, work. Stressful. I am absolute rubbish at working with the public, it seems. I should just find some drab cubicle job and be done with it. D=
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o hai thar LJland. I have a job now.
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Happy Halloween, everyone! :D

So apparently my cousin decided to propose to his girlfriend in the middle of a cosplay event at BlizzCon. Geek love is so cute.
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So, I might have a job at World Market. I don't know for sure; when I called to check on that today the manager wasn't in, so I'll have to call tomorrow morning. This would be great, though, not just because I'll finally be able to support myself again but because it'll be a great way to get out of the house and be productive. The worst part about being unemployed is feeling like a useless lump.

If I get a job, I probably won't have time for all the LARPing and iRO that I've been doing to pass the time recently. But I love roleplay, so I've been thinking about getting back into text-based RPs since I can make a comment one day, go to work/school/whatever and come back the next day to check it, leave another comment, rinse and repeat. No schedule juggling required. Anyone got a good RP to recommend?
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You know, I've felt a lot better since I quit watching the news. Less sad, less filled with rage, more chipper. What the fuck does that say about me? I guess ignorance really is bliss...
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Added a few images to my sorely neglected devART. I hope to make this a regular thing.
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So I've been on these new medications for a little over a month. At first I didn't adjust well at all to it--Lamictal made me angry again, Geodon made me sick, and Buspar made me sleep twenty hours a day. About the only thing that didn't make me feel horrible was Bupropion (which is generic for...some kind of anti-depressant, I forget which). So after another visit to the doctor some adjustments were made to my prescriptions, and now I'm doing much better. Geodon is down to once a day, Lamictal's out. Buspar still makes me sleepy, but it's not as bad now that I'm not seasick-on-land nauseous to go with it, and I can stay awake if I have to.

I'm drawing again--nothing big, just a few sketches here and there. I've even put a few applications in here and there. Hopefully I'll get some callbacks this week, maybe get an interview or even get hired.


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